IECM, the International Entrepreneurs Chamber Malaysia (PPM-003-18052019) is a ROS registered association representing the collective interests of entrepreneurs. As a registered legal entity, this platform is more than just a society of entrepreneurs networking with one another, but more importantly, functions as a fully fledged trade NGO that has the clout to represent the entrepreneurship community in matters of national importance.

IECM is committed to serve its members by representing their collective voices, and striving to advance their cause in matters relating to both local and international business. We set strategic directions, allocate resources for members’ continued advancement and provide insights of products performance and related business issues. As a trade NGO, we offer members valuable opportunities for trade; participation in trade, convention, exhibition, conference, workshop forums, courses and seminars focusing on pertinent topics about international trade and commerce; and many more opportunities for networking through business matching activities.

The primary purpose of IECM is to represent its members in a proactive way as to facilitate effective participation in the international business network by keeping abreast with trade growth and new trends of economic cooperation with other countries. Nevertheless our goals are not limited to promoting Malaysian entrepreneurs abroad but to also facilitate and assist entrepreneurs to import and export their products and services from/to other countries. Moreover, IECM strives to foster economic, social and cultural connectivity among entrepreneurs internationally.

As a registered association, IECM is managed by a combination of elected and appointed Executive Committee members made up of representatives of members firms.

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