An overview of IECM

International Entrepreneurs Chamber Malaysia, or usually referred to by it’s acronym IECM (PPM-003-18052019) was established on the 18 May 2019 and has accumulated a sizeable membership of entrepreneurs ever since. IECM is managed in Malaysia and has connections to entrepreneur communities in numerous countries around the world.

We aim to become part of a symbiotic entrepreneur ecosystem that encourages like-minded individuals with high aspirations to achieve excellence in business to network with one another. Through the IECM platform, members contribute and share values, expertise and experience with one another and inspire evolution and change as not to be left behind in the fast changing ways of the business world.



We aim to become the primary support system for entrepreneur members who value good communication channels, networking opportunities and business connections, and consequently make IECM their platform of choice to generate, grow and nurture their businesses.

We intend to achieve this end through continuous education, coaching and capacity building. In other words, we continually encourage member entrepreneurs to excel in business, by learning, growing and connecting. This way, our members will be able to effectively impact the local and international business community by becoming a global entrepreneur.

International Entrepreneurs Chamber Malaysia (IECM) is committed to support the Malaysian entrepreneur development agenda by empowering entrepreneurs in accordance with aims of the National Entrepreneurship Policy 2030 for continuous business growth and socio-economic contribution recognitions at the national and ASEAN levels of global economic cooperation.


International Entrepreneurs Chamber Malaysia (IECM) aims to develop our member entrepreneurs to become successful global business leaders by establishing their presence Internationally.



To promote global business networking activities and foster cooperation in economy, trade and industries all over the world.

To foster economic, social and cultural connectivity through International business participation.

To improve the economic status of Malaysian based Entrepreneurs by expanding into international markets.

To empower entrepreneurs by means of continuous development and education through frequent meet-ups and discussions.

To enrich members through the sharing of knowledge and information by encouraging frequent engagement with one another in a community of established business owners.

To enhance entrepreneur marketability through concerted efforts of advertising, promotional activities, corporate interviews, community involvement and social networking.


Core values

Confidence and self belief: Members should trust, respect and maintain confidence in themselves and in each other. We believe that each entrepreneur is capable of innovation and creativity, and are always forward thinking, enthusiastic and striving for excellence and progress.

Humility: Entrepreneurs should always believe in the basics of human values and remember that KINDNESS among human beings is the greatest virtue that will make the entrepreneur the best contributor and influencer to society. This will keep away arrogance and unchecked ego that are detrimental to the societal well being.

Integrity: Having good moral values and unshakable honesty is of utmost importance in any entrepreneur if they want a good reputation in business. It is the very fabric by which our association and trade NGO functions.

Accountability and ethics: IECM is committed to ensure members are accountable to one another in all matters. We strive to build a good value based culture in which ethics define our worldview (wéltanschauung), approach, character,  philosophy and core value-system.

Community: As an ethical trade NGO, we want to make a mark not only on the livelihood of entrepreneurs and success of our members’ businesses, but to make an impact on our community. We want our members to actively CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY, leave a legacy, bring value, influence, impact others and make a difference to the communities around them.

Support: We believe that a natural hunger for prosperity is the most valuable asset in any entrepreneur. Therefore members must support one another to strive towards achieving success. As a committed association, our administration and secretariat will always endeavour to bring the best in training, education and experience to share with our members.